Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
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Interactive Tools

Our Debt Fixer interactive federal budget tool lets you make the tough choices to solve our country's debt problem.
Trace every dollar of federal COVID relief. Explore the data and follow the money with the COVID Money Tracker tool.
Think you could secure the future of Social Security? The Social Security Reformer tool allows you to select revenue and benefit changes to stabilize Social Security and make it sustainable for the next generation.
Social Security’s trust funds are running out, and your retirement benefits will be cut unless Washington acts. How Old Will You Be When Social Security's Funds Run Out? allows you to find out how much you stand to lose.
Check out the costs of proposed policies, tax breaks, and federal spending in the U.S. budget. Compare the annual or total cost with the cost per person, per taxpayer, or per household to see if you think it is worth it.